Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel 3.0

Cleans up the user's Excel files by removing duplicates, typos, etc.
3.0 (See all)
Make the spreadsheets that you've created in Excel look professional by removing the mistakes from them. The tool automates the process of getting rid of typos, spelling mistakes as well as duplicates. It also identifies partial duplicates, which have between 1 and 6 characters that differ.

Fuzzy Duplicates Finder is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, and 2007 that will polish off all typos and misprints from your Excel workbooks.
Fuzzy Duplicates Finder performs a fast search for duplicates that differ in one to six characters. With this very handy add-in you can quickly find and remove partial, or fuzzy duplicates, typos and misspelled words from Excel worksheets.
With Fuzzy Duplicate Finder you can:
- Quickly find and remove all possible typos, misspelled words and duplicate entries in Microsoft Excel worksheets.
- Search for fuzzy excel duplicates in a whole list, a column or a selected range.
- Have all duplicate records displayed in a clearly arranged table.
- Make all possible corrections in the search results: removing records, setting the right values, etc.
- Correct all or some fuzzy duplicates in Excel automatically or manually.

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